Did Jesus Resurrection Really Happen? Part Two

Last week I wrote about the Hallucination Theory for the resurrection of Jesus and presented arguments against it showing that the Hallucination argument is just not plausible. As I stated last week, that argument doesn’t address all the details we know of the resurrection. Because of this, skeptics have to come up with other theories. Another theory is the Swoon Theory. Read on and see how this one ignores the evidence that we know of the resurrection and is really just plain ludicrous.

The Swoon Theory

Former pastor, author, and Moody Bible Institue professor J. Hampton Keathley, contends that the adherents of the Swoon Theory argue that Jesus was never really dead in the first place. That Jesus did not really die, He only swooned. Therefore the disciples saw only a resuscitated Christ. Christ was nailed to a cross and suffered from shock, pain, and loss of blood. But instead of actually dying, He only fainted (swooned) from exhaustion. When He was placed in the tomb, He was still alive and the disciples, mistaking Him for dead, buried Him alive. After several hours, He revived in the coolness of the tomb, arose and departed. The claim is that the cool air in the tomb revived Jesus. He gets up and out of His garments, rolls the stone away, somehow takes care of the problem of the guards, and then appears to his disciples.  This theory completely ignores the evidences of His death and would require a greater miracle than the resurrection.[1] Let us examine that Scriptural evidence of His death.

First, the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus were trained at what they did and they knew a dead body when they saw one. To speed up the death of the prisoners who were being crucified, Pilate asked that their legs be broken. But Jesus’ legs were not broken. John 19:33-35 says that when they saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs. But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately there came out blood and water. And he who has seen has borne witness, and his witness is true; and he knows that he is telling the truth, so that you also may believe. He was dead. Not almost dead. Good and dead.

To add to that evidence that Jesus was dead, in Mark 15:43-45, Joseph of Arimathea, who was a Sanhedrin, goes to Pilate to ask him for the body of Jesus so he can bury Him. Pilate consults with the Roman centurion on whether Jesus was dead. After getting confirmation from the centurion that Jesus was in fact dead, Pilate releases the body to Joseph of Arimathea so he can bury Jesus in the tomb that Joseph had purchased for himself. These circumstances proved that Christ died. He was dead in the judgment of the soldiers, in the judgment of Pilate, in the judgment of the Jews who requested the guard for the tomb, and in the judgment of the women who went to the tomb to further prepare the body by heaping spices over the body.[2]

Now keep in mind, Jesus mother, the other women, and his disciples had all seen Jesus get crucified. They had all seen his disfigured and bloody body hanging on the cross. When Jesus appeared to the witnesses, they report that His body was transformed and was anything but weak. John 20 tells us that He was now able to enter locked rooms. Luke 24:30 tells us that He could eat. If He had not really died, but had been revived from the coolness of the tomb, the witnesses would have been looking at His crucified body. Not His clean, transformed body. Nor could he have walked the 7 miles on the Emmaus road to appear to witnesses after the agony he had just endured.[3]

The Swoon Theory is once again, another argument that comes up short in the skeptics failed attempt to explain away the miracle of the Resurrection.

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[2] J. Hampton Keathley III, “False Theories Against the Resurrection of Christ”,  2014

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