About Claudia

I’m a mom. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing and had a career in sales before I married my college sweetheart, then decided to stay at home and be a full time wife and mother.  I loved being a stay-at-home mom for many reasons. Mostly because it kept me well connected with my two boys and gave me great influence over their training. I found it very rewarding and was always grateful that God gave me the chance to focus on my family and be at home with my boys.

Like some of you, I learned to surrender to Jesus after having kids. Funny how quickly you learn after having children that you can’t control anything. Going through the teenage years is enough to bring any mother to her knees!

I have two incredible sons. They are both college graduates with careers, and are out on their own.

My husband, John, and I are enjoying a new phase in our lives. Empty nest-hood. We took advantage of our new found free time by going back to school. We graduated in December 2016 from The Biola University Masters in Christian Apologetics program, and now we are anxious to put that to use. So we are jumping right in by teaching and speaking at various events. We enjoyed Biola a great deal because we learned so much about the Bible and other religions along with Apologetics. Since we hadn’t been in college for 32 years, it was a challenge. But I loved it and the Lord sustained me every step of the way. That’s another story!

It is my hope to be able to share some of my thoughts, experiences and wisdom as an apologist, and  parent with you. I pray that you will be blessed by what you read and that God may speak to you through my blog.

God Bless,

Claudia Kalmikov